Behind the Beer

Todd Hayes made his home brew debut in the late 80s, when male and female musicians wore equal amounts of hairspray and makeup but made some pretty amazing music.

Your musical mileage may vary, but there’s no denying Todd’s debut beer was pretty awful. He may still love 80s music, but by 2010, his craft brewing skills had improved exponentially. Todd upgraded his equipment and moved the brewery to his roomy 500-square-foot garage where he could brew as much as he wanted. A year later, the budding brewmaster started making larger batches of high-quality, super-palatable craft beers. His good friend, Christian Payne, generously volunteered for quality control.

In 2012, Todd and Christian started running to ward off the inevitable calorie creep brought on by home brewing (and having five different craft beers on tap). As they trained their aging bodies to run at a pace just faster than a walk, they started talking about how to share Todd’s craft beers with the community. By the next year, the enthusiastic reactions of taste-testing friends and other willing subjects left the two confident that Peoria would embrace Todd’s beers. So, Todd and Christian formed Peoria Brewing Company.

Today, Todd doesn’t just brew beer. He brews “liquid awesome.” From his wicked light ale, “Naked Jane,” to the uber-hoppy “Yippy IPA,” Todd brews each of his beers with the precision and passion needed to produce outstanding craft beer. Using malt grains, a wide variety of hops, and some surprising adjuncts, Todd proves over and over his ability to brew amazing craft beers like the spicy “Crazy Jane” and the smooth and flavorful “Erik the Red”… an Irish red like no other. And to bring a little sweet to the party, Todd’s “Honey Do” is a twist on the traditional American wheat that you won’t soon forget. Because Todd welcomes the importance of experimentation, Peoria Brewing Company will continue to offer new craft beers that will quiz your beer palate.